Thursday, September 1, 2011

FALL Beret

This is a beret that I made about a couple months ago and I want to share it with you all. It is very easy to make. There are only a few steps like when you get into doing the lace pattern that you should pay a lot of attention to in order to keep your pattern consistent. So, just like in anything thing else you knit you want to pay attention. Overall it a really pretty hat and fun to mix and match with different colors, so play around with it and have fun. :) *<Knit-Mania>*

LEVEL: Intermediate 
Gauge: US 8/5mm circular needles & DPN'S
Worsted weight yarn

Co 70sts. 
Work 1x1 Ribbing for 9rnds 
Next Rnd (increase rnd): *K2, M1, K2, M1, K3, M1 rep from * to end. -100sts 
Repeat rnds 1-8 of the Lace Pattern below four times, then work rnds 1-6 one more time, Knit next rnd plain.

Lace Pattern:
Rnds 1&3: Knit all rnds
Rnds 2: -YO, K3, SL 1- K2tog ,psso,K3, YO, K1* rep from * to end.
Rnd 4: * K1, YO, K2, SL1, K2tog, psso, K2, YO, K1, P1* rep from * to end. 
Rnd 5&7: *K9, P1* rep from * to end. 
Rnd 6: *K2, YO, K1, SL 1, K2tog, psso, K1, YO, K2, P1 * rep from* to end.
Rnd 8: *K3, YO, SL 1, K2tog, psso, YO, K3, P1 * rep from * to end. 

(FYI:*When decreasing switch to DPN'S because sts are no longer going to fit on circular needles.*)
Decrease rnd:
Rnd 1: *K2tog *rep from * to end.
Rnd 2: *K2tog *rep from * to end.
Rnd3: * K2tog *rep from * to end.
Rnd 4:* K2tog *rep from * to end.
Rnd 5: *K2tog *rep from * to end.

Thread yarn through remaining sts.& YOUR DONE !! 
Enjoy & wear with pride. :)

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