Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jade Toboggan

This Toboggan I'm sure you will find is really simple, easy to make. It also is really cool all the the little details that you can put into this hat. When I made mine I crochet the edge, I made a little pom-pom to go on the top of the hat, and I made braids which is totally optional. I plan on giving this hat to my niece and I'm sure she'll like it. : ) So, enjoy the pattern is listed right below, don't forget to join. Follow me on facebook also.

(*To make the braids: Simply cut 26'' 12 pieces, 6 pieces for each braid, and weave into the bottom of the earflap.*)

CO 5sts. onto DPN'S
Row 1: *kfb, knit to last st, kfb
Row 2: Knit all sts.
    Repeat these 2 rows until you have 13 sts. on your needle. Continue in garter st. until piece is 4''.
Cut yarn, make sure to leave a 6'' tail. Do this again for the 2nd earflap.

Slip sts. from the 1st earflap onto circular knitting needles. Attatch yarn & CO 19sts. Using the knitted CO
or the loop CO. Then knit on the 2nd earflap. CO 14sts. & place marker, join in the round. Work garter st/ border *k1 row, p1 row*; rep on all next rows. for 2''.

Work stockinette st. for 4'', after you have finished knitting the brim on the hat.

Row 1: *k7, k2tog*around
Row 2: *k6, k2tog*around
Row 3: *k5, k2tog*around
Row 4: *k4, k2tog*around
Row 5: *k3, k2tog*around
Row 6: *k2, k2tog*around
Row 7: *K1, k2tog*around
Row 8: *k2tog*around

Cut yarn leaving a long tail for weaving in the ends, and pull through remaining sts.
Add your own personal touch to you Toboggan. Make it your OWN.!!!

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